O-LCA (Organizational Life Cycle Assessment)

Organizational Life Cycle Assessment

Organizational Life Cycle Assessment (O-LCA) is the assessment of a company’s inputs, outputs and potential environmental impacts resulting from its organizational activities within the framework of the LCA. This methodology provides an opportunity to identify environmental hotspots along the value chain and to monitor environmental performance for a period. O-LCA studies can be done for all companies and organizations from public to private or small to large.

Basic features of O-LCA studies;

  • – Company/Organization oriented.
  • – All lifecycle stages are considered.
  • – Multiple environmental impact criteria can be evaluated simultaneously such as climate change, acidification, eutrophication, resource consumption, etc.
Environmental Impact Parameters Calculated in O-LCA
O-LCA Report Example
Organik Kimya
A Page of O-LCA Results From the Sustainability Report of Organik Kimya, Which We Are the O-LCA Consultant of