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Whether you're a private company, a non-profit organization, or a public sector lawmaker embracing the idea of ​​sustainability, Metsims is here for you. Seeking answers?

How can I implement strategies and methods to reduce water, energy, and resource consumption? How can I contribute to preventing the depletion of the world's limited natural resources? How can I gauge and track my progress using reliable metrics? How do I determine what to focus on and the hot-spots? How do I create a comprehensive report? How do I include sustainability that affects my profitability in strategic goals and investments?

Welcome to Metsims, a pioneering consultancy firm established in Oxford, UK, in 2005. Specializing in resource efficiency, product development, and process improvement, Metsims has evolved to become a leader in life cycle assessment, product and corporate sustainability. Our expertise extends to areas such as carbon accounting and management, circular economy, natural capital accounting, and sustainable business models. In 2009, recognizing the importance of emerging markets, Metsims opened its Istanbul office, solidifying its commitment to global expansion. The company’s customer-centric approach and tailored solutions led to its transformation into a legal entity, Metsims Training and Consultancy Services Limited Company, in 2011.

As a founding member of the ECO-Platform established by the European Construction Materials Association, Metsims actively contributes to showcasing Turkish construction materials on the global stage. Our dedication is evident through the development of the Turkish Construction Materials Environmental Performance Database, TurCoMDat. At Metsims, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in applying the life cycle perspective and management across various industries, including chemistry, automotive, energy, textile, and food. Our technical infrastructure enables us to create specialized databases such as the Turkey Life Cycle Database (TLCID) and the Turkey Sustainable Textile Database (TurTexDat). Metsims stands out as a consultancy firm that translates sustainability into measurable performance indicators, providing comprehensive evaluation and effective communication with all stakeholders.

Our commitment to sustainability is exemplified through platforms like CAGE Carbon Management. With a global reach, Metsims exports its services to over 19 countries, including the UK, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Kuwait, China, Argentina, and Vietnam. Beyond industry standards, we actively engage in reporting, strategizing, and social responsibility projects. Explore Metsims and discover how we deliver cutting-edge sustainability solutions, shaping a more environmentally conscious and responsible future.

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