Life Cycle Assessment Database

Life Cycle Assessment Database (LCA)

The Digital Environmental Hub for Global Construction Products is the main source providing digital environmental performance data for construction products for specific end-user needs such as manufacturers, designers, specifiers, procurers, building LCA consultants and public procurement, market applications such as building environmental performance assessment, LCA software and environmental calculation tools. The Digital Environmental Hub for Global Construction Products (LCA Databse) aims to facilitate the assessment of buildings for green certification and zero-carbon home frameworks worldwide. We develop databases of construction products for countries and major regions of the world. If you are interested in any existing database or would like to develop a new country-specific database, please contact us.

Life Cycle Assessment Database

What Is Life Cycle Assessment Database (LCA)?

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Database is a collection of data used in life cycle assessments, a method for evaluating the environmental impacts of a product, process, or service throughout its entire life cycle. This database typically contains information on the energy and resource inputs, emissions to air, water, and land, as well as other environmental releases associated with each stage of the life cycle, including raw material extraction, manufacturing, transportation, use, and disposal.

The LCA database serves as a valuable resource for researchers, policymakers, and businesses conducting life cycle assessments to quantify and compare the environmental impacts of different products, processes, or services. It allows users to access standardized data sets on materials, energy, and emissions, which can be used to model and analyze the environmental performance of various systems.

There are several publicly available LCA databases, such as:

  • ecoinvent: One of the most widely used LCA databases, ecoinvent provides comprehensive data on the environmental impacts of materials, processes, and products across various industries.
  • ILCD (International Reference Life Cycle Data System): Developed by the European Commission, the ILCD database offers standardized life cycle inventory data for conducting life cycle assessments.
  • US LCI Database: Maintained by the US Life Cycle Inventory Database, this database contains life cycle inventory data specific to the United States, including information on energy use, emissions, and resource consumption.

These databases often include data on a wide range of materials, processes, and products, allowing users to conduct robust life cycle assessments and make informed decisions to minimize environmental impacts and improve sustainability. Additionally, organizations may develop their own internal databases tailored to their specific products and operations to support sustainability initiatives and product development efforts.


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