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First EPD Service Export from Turkey

First EPD Service Export from Turkey!

Midal Mozambique International Limited, a supplier of molten aluminium bar castings delivered directly to the world market from the Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA) smelter next to its production facility, has published the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) document for 1370 EC class aluminium bars. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies, which form the infrastructure of EPD documents, were carried out in accordance with EN 14025 and ISO 14040/44 standards under the consultancy of Metsims Sustainability Consulting.

The project, which was carried out by Metsims Sustainability Consulting, Turkey’s leading and Europe’s leading sustainability firm in LCA and EPD consultancy, was completed in a short period of 2 months, approved and registered at the international level, and thus the first EPD Service export from Turkey was made. Metsims, which operates both in the UK and Turkey, offered services to the African market from Turkey for the first time. Stating that it is very new for the African market, Metsims co-founder Dr. Hüdai Kara has broken new ground by completing the project with Turkish consultants and engineers in a short time despite the pandemic. EPD documents, which include company information, product description and technical specifications with different environmental impact results, especially climate change, were designed by the Metsims design team to reflect the corporate identity of the company and published on the International EPD System (IES) used for international markets.

With more than 41 years of success, Midal Cables Limited has not only ensured the continuous growth and improvement of its business processes, but also registered its sensitivity to climate change and the environment on the international platform by obtaining EPD certificate. As Metsims, we are pleased to have our signature under Turkey’s first and only EPD service export and we wish Midal Mozambique continued success.

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