Corporate Water Footprint

Corporate Water Footprint

A water footprint is the sum of the blue, green and grey water footprint, including evaporation. (The green and blue colours represent water consumption; the grey colour represents pollution.) The corporate water footprint refers to the amount of fresh water required along its entire supply chain to produce a good or service. The water footprint encompasses all life-cycle processes, including the amount of water used in the processing of the raw material and the production process, as well as the consumer’s use phase.

 Water footprint is defined as a subset of  LCA methods and tools and is calculated based on the ISO 14046 Standard.

 Corporate water footprint is calculated to be at the forefront of social responsibility, legal obligation, supplier demand and marketing strategies and increasing brand reputation. In this way, organisations can evaluate their water use and determine future strategies such as reducing the environmental impact caused by water use and increasing efficiency at the product or organisational level.

Corporate Water Footprint Calculation Process


Data Collection

Primary data is collected from the clients. Thanks to our expertise and deep sector knowledge, we develop sector specific data collection templates that ease the process for the companies.



Once corporate data collected, Metsims Sustainability Consulting, with its experience in calculating water footprints, does the calculations for your products and services using SimaPro as well as inventory analysis under ISO 14046.



After calculating the water footprint at organisation level, Metsims determines hotspots and evaluates potential mitigation options.



When required, our water footprint calculations can be verified by independent third-party verifiers. Metsims will always be available to provide necessary support during the verification process.