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EPD Certificate for 12 different product groups from Kastamonu integrated!

Kastamonu Entegre Ağaç Sanayi, which ranks 1st in Turkey, 4th in Europe and 7th in the world in the wood-based panel industry and is a global power, has successfully completed the 12 Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification process, which is valid worldwide, carried out with Metsims Sustainability Consulting.

Kastamonu Integrated, one of the two locomotive companies of Hayat Holding, with its consolidated turnover of 1.3 billion USD, 6300 employees, power, knowledge and experience in manufacturing, exports to more than 100 countries from Central America to India, is by far the first in the sector every year and ranks 46th among the ISO Top 500 Industrial Enterprises. It has production facilities in 6 locations in Turkey, including MDF and particleboard in Kastamonu and Gebze, particleboard in Balıkesir, Samsun and Tarsus, MDF in Adana, and in 6 countries abroad, including door panels and particleboard in Romania, Kraft paper in Bosnia and Herzegovina, MDF in Russia, particleboard in Bulgaria and Italy. In the USA, the supply and logistics operation of wood chips is managed.

Kastamonu Integrated, which transparently and quantitatively evaluates the environmental impacts of all processes from obtaining raw materials from nature, production and end-of-life disposal in the production of wood-based products with a scientific approach such as LCA, has shown that it is also a leader with its environmental awareness in the sector in which it is a leader. For 12 different products, EPD declarations obtained as a result of intensive work with Metsims Sustainability Consulting are studies that evaluate the environmental performance of a product according to certain impact categories defined according to ISO 14025 standard and within the framework of ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) standard.

Turkey’s leading LCA, EPD, product carbon footprint, eco-labelling and sustainability consultancy, especially in building materials Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) studies and databases developed globally (, the EPD documents obtained with the consultancy of the Metsims Sustainability Consulting team have been prepared in accordance with the latest EN 15804-A2:2019 norm, which is defined in the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) Sustainability in Construction norm (CEN 350) and determines the framework for the evaluation of the environmental impact of building products.

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Compared to other environmental labels, EPDs stand out as the most suitable environmental labels for manufacturers in terms of trade-oriented communication since they can provide reliable information about products with a more objective approach. In general, highlighting the environmental performance of the product with a holistic approach within the scope of transparency policy is an indication that the environmental awareness of the producer organisations is at an advanced level. EPD Certificates are also a useful document for the requirements of the EU Green Deal and Border Adjustment Tax, as they also evaluate the effects of the product on climate change within the framework of the product’s life cycle and are independently verified.

EPD documents prepared for Kastamonu Entegre products have been published in EPD Turkey and the International EPD System systems with specific registration numbers. Registered EPD certificates are valid in all world markets.

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