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How to Measure Sustainability Seminar

Metsims Founding Manager Dr Hüdai Kara and Sustainability Manager Orhan Atacan took part in Sustainable Ecosystem Days with their speeches titled “How Do We Measure Sustainability?”

Our Founding Manager Hüdai Kara, PhD and Sustainability Manager Orhan Atacan took part in the SEG - Sustainable Ecosystem Days congress organised by ITU Environmental Engineering Club, of which we are the platinum sponsor, with their speech titled "How Do We Measure Sustainability?". At the end of the speech, which attracted great interest and participation, Orhan Atacan and Hüdai Kara answered questions about the subject.

Sustainable Ecosystem Days, which is the first carbon neutral congress of ITU, has been organised since 2009 and offers free participation to young and dynamic students from many cities of Turkey and from all age groups, academicians who have worked and are working with the understanding of Sustainability, environmental technologies, sustainable environmental approach and sector representatives with global sensitivity and vision on the environment.

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