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UNO Publishes 2020 Sustainability Report Prepared with Metsims Consultancy

UNMAŞ, founded by DORUK Group in 1990 and the leading company in the flour and wheat sector, published its 2020 sustainability report prepared with the sustainability consultancy services of Metsims. In this study, UNO reported on its waste management activities, root optimisation studies, biodegradable packaging solutions and measurement of their impact on climate change related to environmental issues facing the world.

UNO aims to reduce the use of plastic, cardboard and paper materials by 10 per cent. Within the scope of the “Eat Well, Protect the World” project, UNO developed a new plastic packaging alternative that is oxo-biodegradable, water-soluble and completely disappears in nature in 18-24 months and helped 100.2 tonnes of plastic to break down in 24 months. This plastic packaging alternative can also be used as fertiliser due to its non-toxic properties that increase the agricultural productivity of the soil.

In addition, UNO manages its waste through its own environmental management system in accordance with national and international standards and regularly measures the amount of waste it produces. Aiming to reduce waste at source through projects aimed at reducing bread waste, UNO reported that it prevented the waste of 1510 tonnes of bread and provided recycling and reuse awareness training to its employees.

UNMAŞ considers this report, which includes its work on energy efficiency, corporate carbon footprint, route optimisation and 8 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, as a concrete step in its quest for sustainability.

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