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SERES’21 Conference Opening Speech will be given by Dr Hüdai Kara on Green Deal

The V. International Ceramic, Glass, Enamel, Glaze and Paint Congress (SERES'21), which will take place on 13-15 October 2021 at Eskişehir Technical University, 2 Eylül Campus, aims to bring together academicians, artists, designers and sector representatives working in Turkey and abroad under the main topics.

Industrial ceramics, cement, concrete and geopolymers, ceramics and energy saving, production and storage, electroceramics and many other topics will be discussed at the congress, where Hüdai Kara, founder and director of Metsims Sustainability Consulting, will make the opening speech of the conference on PhD Green Deal and Carbon Tax at the Border.

Measures such as the Carbon Tax at the Border mechanism that will come with the EU Green Deal are important in terms of evaluating how Turkey, whose most important foreign trade partner is the EU region, can turn this situation into an opportunity. The European Circular Economy Action Plan addresses the product produced by the sectors and sub-sectors included in the plan throughout its life cycle and aims to support product design, circular economy processes, strengthen sustainable consumption and ensure that the resources used remain within the EU economy for the longest possible period of time. Hüdai Kara, PhD, will present an assessment of the situation for the Turkish Ceramics Sector based on the data obtained as a result of many years of work in the sector by Metsims Sustainability Consulting and based on the life cycle carbon emission data of the producers. He will provide first-hand information on the financial burden for Turkish manufacturers due to the carbon tax.

Dr Hüdai Kara, who developed the Turkish Life Cycle Assessment Database a tremendous resource for Green Deal and Borderline Carbon tax calculations, is also the administrator of the Turkish Construction Materials Environmental Performance Database (TurCoMDat) and GloCoMDat , the world’s largest construction materials environmental performance database.

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