Can Sönmez

Can Sönmez BSc, MSc

Senior Sustainability Consultant, BSc. MSc.

Can Sönmez is a senior sustainability consultant at Metsims. As an adept in building Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) modeling, Sönmez delved into the environmental impacts of a structure he constructed with his family for his master’s thesis. He subsequently conducted his inaugural LCA study within this domain. Beyond his expertise in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), and product carbon footprinting, Sönmez actively participates in corporate carbon footprinting initiatives for numerous global companies. He is dedicated to advancing his skills in carbon management and enhancing strategies for carbon mitigation.
Mr. Sönmez possesses expertise in advanced treatment and bioenergy, backed by diverse work experience in various roles within the industry. In 2014, Sönmez earned his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Kocaeli University. Subsequently, he successfully completed his master’s degree in Environmental Sciences Engineering and Management at Istanbul Technical University in 2020.